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Kynetiq Trading Solution (KTS) is an export management company located in Halifax, NS Canada. We provide manufacturers with a full service alternative to employing and managing their own international department.

We serve as the underlying factor in connecting companies, their ideas, products, and services with foreign markets. We provide innovative solutions in localized marketing as well as top-class sales representation and consulting. Plainly put, we connect world markets.

Kynetiq Trading Solutions, in particular, have experience in the North American, African, Caribbean and Asian markets. While the company deals with various products and services in the industry, its strength lie in products for metallurgy industries and metal scraps.

Working with Kynetiq Trading Solutions is a win for both the exporter and importer of that particular product or service. The exporter benefits from the experience and international marketing that KTS will offer and the importer benefits from the sales team that will be dedicated to their international sales.

Partners who retain the services offered by KTS benefit by:

  • KTS' experienced, professional sales force and established distribution network provide partners with immediate market presence that otherwise would take years to build.
  • KTS' knowledge and experience streamlines process of export licensing and regulatory approvals.
  • Significant profit margins by reducing staffing costs and increasing sales.
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Kynetiq Trading Solutions is an export management company located in Halifax, NS Canada. We take an innovative approach in the field of export management, providing manufacturers with a full-service alternative to employing and managing their own international department. Our goal is to build international marketing and distribution networks for the companies and their products.

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Whether you're a seasoned exporter or just beginning to expand overseas, talking to Kynetiq Trading Solutions is one of the best moves your company can make. Through a range of unique services, including participation at selected trade fairs and providing market intelligence, we can help you track foreign markets and get to grips quickly with overseas regulations and business practice.

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Advice and Support

Just getting started? You will need to know more about...

  • Preparing to trade - Are you ready to Export? For advice and support, talk to one of our International Trade Advisors
  • Support to succeed - Our highly informative consultatns can provide advice for new and inexperienced exporters. And for importers we can find out if you are getting the best possible price on your commodity.