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Q.1 What is an Export Management Company?

An export management firm is an independent entity which acts as the exclusive export sales department for a manufacturer/supplier. Their representation may apply to entire line of products or a select set. Their representation may include an entire region, like Asia, or may apply to a single country. Their representation is of the Bahamian supplier/manufacturer and they work hard to develop a successful export business for the company they represent. In addition, many Export Management Companies offer additional services like translation, interpretation, sourcing, shipping, and tradeshow support that are helpful to the importer.

Q.2 What are the benefits to the importer for working with an Export Management Company?

As the Export Management Companies is dedicated to the international sales of the product, they work closely with the supplier to promptly provide product information and support to the importer.

Kynetiq Global understands the importance of professionalism and customer service which is evident in every transaction. Kynetiq Global has information regarding trade specific details such as industry information, trade shows, and trade publications. As the Export Management Company is skilled at the sourcing, shipping, and supply of the product, the importer can benefit from having a Bahamian location communicate, coordinate, and consolidate the importer's orders.

Export Management Companies have the ability to handle all of the details of an export transaction. This includes the know-how to handle inquiries, prepare quotations, enter orders, handle shipping details, assist with country specific obstacles and handle the international banking and payment details.

Q.3 What does an Export Management Company charge?

Export Management Companies are paid by the supplier. Through the representation of multiple territories, they are often able to provide more competitive export pricing to the importer. Please contact us directly for additional payment information on purchasing and procurement for product lines outside of our representation.

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Q.4 Is Kynetiq Trading Solutions able to source other products for our introduction and distribution?

Kynetiq Trading Solution offers sourcing services for international importers / distributors. They handle the sourcing of new products, tradeshow introductions, and OEM / Private Label opportunities. Through their strong network of suppliers, Kynetiq Trading Solutions is able to provide the sourcing, negotiation, and procurement of new product through its purchasing and export management services.

Q.5 Does Kynetiq Trading Solutions have special international shipping rates?

Kynetiq Trading Solutions works with several freight forwarders for air and both LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL shipments (Full Container Load). They will research several freight quotes for the best freight rates and options.

Q.6 Can Kynetiq Trading Solutions consolidate shipments to be sent under one Bill of Lading?

Kynetiq Trading Solutions offers the service to consolidate smaller shipments from different locations to ship under one Bill of Lading. This provides substantial price breaks versus separate LCL shipments.

Q.7 What product categories does Kynetiq Trading Solutions focus on?

Kynetiq Trading Solutions is experienced in scrap metal and the metallurgy industry trade but is not limited to it.

Q.8 What countries does Kynetiq Trading Solutions export into?

Kynetiq Trading Solutions is currently managing exports across Northern America, Western Africa, The Caribbean, and select other markets.

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