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Kynetiq Trading Solutions is a leader in enterprise trade automation solutions that span export compliance, import compliance and trade agreement management. Our trade compliance solutions automate critical processes and help your organization to efficiently cross borders, pay the correct amount of duty and protect your company from fines, penalties and even loss of trading privileges.

Our global trade compliance modules are fully integrated on the same platform and may be deployed behind your firewall or delivered on-demand (aka Software as a Service or SaaS). Since the modules work off of a common data model your organization can efficiently deploy capabilities in a phased approach. To fully automate customs compliance, start with export compliance, add import compliance, then build out trade agreement management - your path to a complete global trade automation system can be measured by the priorities of your business.

Global trade can not be automated by customs compliance software alone. Three core elements are required to deliver the 'whole product'; a solution that offers the fastest time-to-deploy and ultimately the fastest path to realized value at the lowest risk.

Software must be complemented by international trade content and trade processes must be extended to trading partners and government entities through a supply chain network. Software, Trade Content and Supply Chain Network are the fundamental building blocks of a successful trade compliance program and should be the foundational requirements for your automation effort.

Gaps in trade content or connectivity services can lead to processes that are not fully automated, extra time spent by scarce resources to research regulations and 'reprogram' your software, and expensive IT support to integrate and maintain your system.

Kynetiq Trading Solutions seamlessly combines these key elements of software, content and network to help you achieve breakthrough results, faster. Explore the capabilities of our software by navigating through the solutions map.

According to the Aberdeen Group, companies using trade compliance solutions are:



  • 1.5X more likely to report 0% of export shipments held at customs longer than usual
  • 35% more likely to have less than 2% of import shipments held at customs
  • 30% more likely to report zero government fines for non-compliance



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Kynetiq Trading Solutions is an export management company located in Halifax, NS Canada. We take an innovative approach in the field of export management, providing manufacturers with a full-service alternative to employing and managing their own international department. Our goal is to build international marketing and distribution networks for the companies and their products.

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